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The dictionary defines Pathfinder as one who “…discovers a new course/way and tries new ways of doing things OR one who makes or finds a way, especially through unexplored areas/fields of knowledge.” We would like to think we are a combination of both these phrases. We are an organisation that looks ahead into the future and creates innovative business solutions. Driven by the needs and demands in the market, we have learnt to anticipate the requirements and craft solutions that will resolve business issues to make lives easier. Over the years, we have spread our wings and have reached countries in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) & APAC (Asia Pacific) regions with an ever-expanding growth across the globe. We proudly boast of having over more than 500 corporations as our business milestones.

‘A company is only as good as its services and offerings and is as reliable as the people who are involved in it’ is something we firmly believe in. At Pathfinder, we offer a wide range of advisory services, business solutions and software products focused on integrating our customer needs, streamlining business processes aimed at boosting overall efficiency, all of this combined with the highest quality in delivery. At Pathfinder we are a team of highly qualified professionals who have worked in various verticals and understand the pulse of the market and the demands. Going a step further, we are in the business of redefining the entire system of creating solutions. We specialize in delivering innovative customer-centric business solutions deploying cutting edge technologies with a strong focus on industry best practices and processes.

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