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Sales Data Collection and Analysis

Analyzing sale data can give in important information about best selling products, top-performing franchisees and identifying customer behavior. The data analysis allows franchisees to easily upload the daily, weekly, and monthly sales data. Franchisers can analyze the sales data in real time to identify top performing franchisees and top-selling products. The best practices of top performing franchisees can be extended to the whole organization. Regular and error-free upload of sale data allows quick computation of faster collection.

Business Benefits

Remove paperwork and the manual aspects of sales data collection. Decrease communication costs

Get real-time overview of sales data and franchise performance. Know best performers and the slow movers

Increase revenues by allowing franchises to compare performance regionally. Extend best practices of top-performers

Analyze product sales by integrating POS data. Remove slow moving products and introduce new products faster

Easy to use, custom interface. Customized report generation

POS Integration

Manually collecting point of sale data can be a laborious task. Because of the effort involved, organizations are forced to use paper-based mechanisms and are often not able to collect valuable data on product and category sales.

XtreMe Integra allows franchise organizations to directly collect sales data from the franchisees POS system. Collect sales receipt or invoice data without any manual effort. Set-up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly polling parameters. Works with any standard Windows or Linux based POS system.


  • Integrate with franchisees POS software Application
  • Automatically collect daily sales data
  • Works with any Windows based system
  • Eliminate paper forms and manual data collection
  • Analyze collected data for franchisee performance
  • Generate reports and franchisee performance dashboards
Franchise Performance Dashboards

Franchisees need constant help and direction for successfully running and growing their business. However, without effectual tools, most franchisees have no real-time feedback on their performance and areas where they need improvement. Franchisee dashboards provide franchisees with feedback on every aspect of their performance through visual charts and graphs.


  • Critical reports on franchisee performance with the capability to identify your best performing franchisees, worst performing franchisees, system averages, and other information critical for identifying performance related challenges
  • Allows franchisees to evaluate their performance with the region, entire franchise systems, stores open for the same number of years, etc
  • Allows weakly performing franchisees to better identify the gaps, improvise and deliver better results
  • Provide franchisees with feedback on their profitability
  • Allow franchisees to analyze factors that impact their expenses and profitability

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