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Brand Loyalty Solutions


Build a happy and loyal customer base by rewarding not only repeat purchase but also positive referrals and social media engagement

Cardless, NFC or cards - Your loyalty program can use any option. Choose the one that best suits your need

Mobile apps and your store branded tablet/desktop browser apps keep customers engaged and informed. Instant gratification through mobile text updates


Campaign Management – Email & Mobile Text

Send timely personalized offers through integrated email and text campaign engine. No more mis-targeted blanket offers.

Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing

Rewards for social actions and referrals encourage customers to actively refer friends and engage on Facebook and Twitter.

Track Marketing Performance

Track your loyalty program and campaigns in detail to know exactly how they are performing. Measure ROI of marketing spends.

Know your Customers

Build a database of customers, track purchases- how often customers visit, what products they buy, how much they spend per visit, etc.

High Customer Engagement

Simple for customers to signup and use – mobile apps, web accounts and social media integration.

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