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Facility Management

RECKO was developed with customers in mind. Its configurable interface and intuitive functionality allows organizations to operate efficiently anytime, anywhere.

RECKO helps you organize the maintenance management of your company, keeping all the information of your maintenance department documented, updated and organized. Every day, RECKO reports on the maintenance jobs to be carried out and once they are performed, it reschedules the following date to do them again, automatically adjusting the maintenance calendars.

Document all information related to your equipment and facilities, for example, plans, diagrams, specifications, localization, supplier data, document maintenance plans or routines of each asset equipment, and automatically create maintenance schedules and helps automate and simplify the generation, control and follow-up of work orders.

RECKO allows you to maintain full control of the spare parts inventory and reduce inventory levels through the purchase of spare parts just as they are needed whilst keeping all historical information related to works performed and used resources organized and available. RECKO helps you generate a large number of reports, indexes and charts related to maintenance management of your property.

Business Benefits

When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed.

Let’s face it, change isn’t easy. Getting your entire organization to change the way they work can be timely and costly. But RECKO is geared for success. It helps ease the pain of change with its intuitive interface and configurable management system.

Our dedicated account management team ensures RECKO is set-up to match your business needs. With RECKO, it’s not just about helping you through the initial implementation. That’s just the beginning for us. Our goal is to partner with you so you can meet your goals and beyond. Because when you succeed, we succeed

Schedule Service and Maintenance

Oversee Work Requests and Orders

Keep Historical Asset Records

Manage Data at Multiple Sites

Increase Uptime

Work in Multiple Languages

Improve Reliability

Extend Equipment Life

Track Maintenance Costs

Manage Workflows

Reduce Inventory Costs

Increase Productivity

Product Highlights

Maintenance Systems

Reactive Maintenanace

Planned Maintenanace

Asset Maintenanace

Resource Maintenanace

Timesheet Recording

Stores Maintenanace

Utility Reading

Fixed Testing

P.A.T. Testing

Rate Scheduler

Resource Booking

Room Booking

Catering Booking

Equipment Booking

Accommodation Booking

Event Booking

Courier Booking

Taxi Booking

Transport Booking

Car Park Booking

Visitor Booking

Support Systems

Quotation Management

Purchase Ordering

Task Calender

Supplier Management

Contractor Management

Client Management

Invoice Management

Enquiry Management

Contract Management

General Survey

Health & Safety

Compliance Records

Risk Assessment

Permit Management

DSE Assessment

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Facilities Maintenance


Data Centers

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