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HRM Solution


A High performing Workforce Management System

  • Expedite your hiring cycle using swift technology that allows you to identify, attract and engage best talent across the applicant database.
  • A Recruiting System gives you a complete visibility throughout the hiring process right from the resource request generation to joining of the employee, making the process easier with better evaluation and assessment of potential candidates.

  • Now monitor your workforce’s productive hours with a Time Tracker that lets you keep an eye on each and every in-out activity of your employees with better clarity and precision.
  • The technology frees you up with the manual processing of collecting and computing time sheets and cards giving you an easy to learn and use system along with a disciplined and punctual workforce.

  • Get the comfort of planning and scheduling your leaves with an overview of your leave availability.Save your time through the all-automated Leave and Attendance Management system that enables you to send leave or time-off requests and get approvals.
  • Also manage your attendance through the computed view of total leaves, availed, scheduled and remaining leaves over the leave dashboard.

  • Become the Pay Master by paying your employees just in-time! With zero computation errors, smartly manage all your employee payrolls and other financial accounts in a more advanced and synchronized manner with a Payroll System.
  • The system is robust enough to handle all payroll functions that include attendance computation, billing, tax deductions, etc. with accuracy and precision.

  • Don't overlook any employee's hard work and efforts that gave you a long client list! Now get a detailed report of your employees' performance that allows you to take right decisions from your business perspective.
  • Performance Management System keeps a monthly performance record of every employee that clearly defines every individual's contribution and efforts for the organizational success.

  • With our Talent Management System, make a CAREER, not just a Living! Give a multi-dimensional career boost with more opportunities and right guidance that will take your employees to the pinnacle of their career.
  • The system allows you to spot the top performing employees and plan out effective training and development programs for them to extract the best out of them.

  • 360o Feedback System allows employees to give and receive complete feedback by the managers, supervisors, and colleagues.Employees can either get the feedback on request or by a regular review process.
  • The feedbacks are provided on particular events or on overall performance as per the requirement and make your employees more responsible towards their growth and performance.

  • A happy workforce is synonymous to enhanced productivity and great organizational culture!
  • PRISM Grievance Redressal System enables employees to forward their complaints and make sure that they are being processed. This Complaint Center is an automated and multichannel complain center that allows complain assigning and monitoring status with complete transparency.

  • Stay ahead of times with better insight and knowledge of your talent and its potential.
  • Take an overview of your entire workforce and analyze HRM practices, organizational success, employee statistics, comparison reports, upcoming tasks, etc. The multi-format reports and powerful dashboards enable you to identify your competitive advantage as well as the areas you need to focus on.

TOP 6 reason why companies choose PRISM

Unimaginable Scalability

Get flexibility that you can never imagine. Don’t worry about your expanding data, we are prepared to give you customized solutions.

Absolute Cloud-Mobility

Fully Mobile and Cloud-based Application giving you access to employee information anywhere and anytime.

Super Analytics

Analytics were never that smart and intellectual. Take big decisions within seconds with right data at right time.

Complex Tasks, Easy Execution

Get routine tasks accomplished in a few clicks. Experience the ease of HR technology like never before!

Asset Accountability

Monitor, identify, track and take actions to make workforce more disciplined, focused and punctual.

Reports That Speak!

Effortless reports help you gain insights on latest trends and statistics that allow you to take wiser business decisions.

“Serving Organizations where ‘Employees’ really matter…”

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