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People Counting


Our technology counts visitor numbers in every type of environment 24/7. We analyse the information and deliver insights integral to understanding the performance of your site.

A small counting device is mounted on either a building or lighting/ CCTV column, a virtual zone is defined and pedestrians and cars that travel through the zone are recorded. Visitor numbers are recorded using the very latest counting software based on “target specific tracking”. Click to see how our technology works.

Square One counting data has been confirmed to be 98% accurate by a third party auditor. In addition, our data team check every line of data each day to verify the accuracy of the data before it is uploaded to the system or sent to you.

Performance insights are delivered via:

Online daily reporting on Springboard Analyser

Weekly footfall report

Monthly Benchmarking report

Live Counting

Data Feed

Benefits Of Automated Counting

Identify The Success Of Development

Understand The Impact Of Marketing Initiatives

How These Metrics Were Effected By Events And Weather

Attract Retailers By Demonstrating The Success Of Your Location

Communicate To Stakeholders The Performance Of Your Location By Hour, Day, Week, Month And Year

Deploy Resource Plans And Models For The Operation And Running Of The Location

How These Metrics Were Effected By Events And Weather

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